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Agreement for Cleaning

This agreement for cleaning services between (ClientName)
and Hugz N Hearts Caregivers LLC is made and entered into upon the following date: The Services to be accomplished as stated in this agreement will be carried out at the following address: (Address)
The Client would like to have the above-mentioned   location/     house/    other maintained on a twice in a month (every other weekend). The Client and the Service Provider hereby agree to the following terms:

I. The Client will give the Service Provider access to the inside of the   location/     house    /other during the mutually agreed upon
times of (Starttime) till (Endtime)

II. The Client will provide for the use of the Service Provider the following supplies and equipment to perform the services of this contract:
  All cleaning supplies needed to complete work.

III. The Client will pay the Service Provider $240 on the first day of each month for services to be performed during the rest of the month. (This can be changed)

IV. Services to be performed by the Service Provider include the following:

  • Bathroom:

Clean Floors , shower enclosures, tubs, tiles, sinks , mirrors , toilets and polish fixtures

  • Kitchen

Clean cupboard doors, sink, stovetop, counter tops and backsplash area, clean outside of oven, fridge, dishwasher and small appliances, vacuum and clean floors

  • Living Areas & Bedroom:

Dust all surfaces and clean glass frames, mirrors, remove spots from wall and dust/polish furniture, baseboards and window sills, vacuum and clean furniture and floors

  • Linen exchange

Provide client with linen provided at time of service, otherwise remaking of linen already on bed or tile floors, cleaning toilets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, removing the trash from the trash containers and taking them to the outdoor dumpster.
V. The Service Provider will begin performing the Services on (StartDate)
Thereafter, the Services shall be performed on the mutually agreed-upon schedule of every other weekend
VI. Either party may terminate this contract at any time by supplying a written notice of termination on a specified date to the other party, with at least two weeks’ notice prior to the stated date of termination.
Any payment owed by the Client for the above-mentioned services shall be due and payable at the time the agreement is terminated. If there is any litigation needed between the Client and the Service Provider it shall be filed and tried in the Service Providers local jurisdiction.
The signatures of the Client and the Service Provider below confirms that they are in agreement with the above-mentioned terms.
Applicable Law: This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio in Montgomery County and any applicable Federal Law.

Date :   Signature of Client

Date:   Signature of Service Provider

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